SalesDouble has rebranded our company and changed our name to Total Business Results or “TBR”.

Why the change?

For many years, SalesDouble has been a B2B marketing company specializing in cold calling, appointment setting, and lead generation via the phone. We have had great success in this niche and have made our clients a lot of money.

However, over the years in working with clients all over North America and in a variety of industries, we realized that there were a lot of other holes in our clients’ businesses that they needed help with. Because of our specialization, we couldn’t really help them in those areas including, learning effective sales skills, how to market, how to run a B2B small business on a daily basis, and how to turn their company into a sellable asset.

A few months before Covid hit, we started to make the transition from a purely phone call and email based marketing firm to a firm focused on helping our clients not only grow their revenue, but also learn how to use the other parts of their business to make money as well.

We refocused our company on 3 pillars which we believe are critical for any business owner Those areas are Knowledge, Coaching, and Execution. We have been busy in the last couple of years working on and rolling out products and services in each of these areas. We believe that to successfully grow, operate, and scale a business, a business owner needs access to all three of these areas.

What do we mean by knowledge? As an entrepreneur, your business will only grow as much as you do. If you are stagnant in your personal growth of knowledge and skills in running a business, or if you simply go by trial and error, it’s going to be a long, hard road to success.

However, if you are constantly learning new skills to enhance your understanding of your business, get better at areas you don’t know enough about, and fine tune your skills, you will become the business owner you need to be to take your company to the next level of growth and success.

To help our clients grow in their learning and knowledge, we are providing both free and paid resources that are specific to what business owners need to know to succeed. This is in the form of Books, a Podcast, Blog, Courses, Webinars, Videos, and other resources.

Besides knowledge, every good business owner knows they need a mentor or coach who can help them implement that knowledge and provide an outside perspective for things. Sometimes we as business owners can’t see what an outsider can see because we are in the middle of running our businesses day to day.

One of the benefits of dealing with thousands of clients in all parts of North America and in all different industries for the last 20+ years is that we have gained insights that are not obvious to most business owners. We realized that we needed to not only share that knowledge through valuable content, but also to act as Coaches and Consultants for our clients who want help implementing some of these ideas. To do this, we’ve launched Masterminds, Group Coaching, and One on One coaching and consulting programs.

Knowledge and advice are critical, but as business owners, we also need the best tools to take advantage of that knowledge. We continue to believe that for businesses who sell to other businesses, cold calling and telemarketing is still a very viable method of getting new customers, so we are still offering the core service we always have and continue to enhance it all the time. We estimate we’ve completed over 35 million cold calls generating well in excess of 1 million leads and appointments for our clients. For the right client, our cold calling services can be very effective.

There are some businesses who sell products and services that simply don’t make sense to do cold calling and telemarketing. If your company sells $25 dollar products to individual businesses at a small volume, cold calling is not an effective method of getting new customers. In today’s world, that is best done with online marketing. That includes getting business through effective websites, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media content and advertising.

We are working on and with our partners to develop solutions in all these areas, so not only can we help our clients grow in their knowledge and skills, advise them and coach them along the way, but also give them the best tools in the market to achieve their growth goals.

We are very excited about this transition as a company, and our team has put a lot of time into it. All of this is being done to better serve our clients. We exist to serve our clients in whatever ways we can and get them the best results possible at a reasonable price.

To your success,

Robert Poole
Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer
Total Business Results / SalesDouble